Operation Phakisa means one step closer to a South African ships registry

The recently announced Operation Phakisa (“Hurry Up” in Sesotho) includes in article 18 a stated intention to expedite the reopening of a South African ships registry. This could result in enormous benefits to the South African economy as it has been distinctly lacking for a number of years due to neglect. The few ships performing cabotage on the South African coast at present, while operated by South African companies , are all under foreign registration. Another stated initiative is that of expanding the South African boat building industry which could assist in creating thousands of jobs. These , and a number of other initiatives in this operation should gain widespread industry support.

Here is holding thumbs that these are implemented sooner rather than later.

For more details see http://www.operationphakisa.gov.za/operations/oel/marineTrans/pages/default.aspx

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