SPECIAL APPEAL FROM COMPASS comunity provisions and Social Services

Following is a Special Appeal From Compass who suffered from a flood and are battling to feed and look after many orphans and abandoned children:



(Compass has been caring for more than 13 years)


Good Day  Bentley,

I trust and believe all is well


This is an Emergency Appeal due to the crises we are facing with the babies and small kids in our care.


June / July and August  was  the worst months we ever experienced in the history of our organisation, with September heading the same way. We even went as far as to move to a more compact office / house to cut down our rent to try to make ends meet.


We are desperate for help with their basic requirements that we lost in a flood and haven’t been able to recuperate yet. A present we are feeding the 87 kids and 41mothers “scraps” and not what is needed, especially the babies that require milk powder, puree, nutritional foods.


As a matter of fact we had to use some of our creche’s and one shelter’s rental money to purchase provisions and has been given eviction notice for these two premises due to lack of rental payment.


We are urgently need help with the little ones. With R2100-00 per baby we can supply all their needs for a 3 month period.


This is a once off emergency appeal for ALL of them.


Out of the 23 babies I got 7 sponsored for the next 3 months…….. Please assist with the others, 2 or 3 and if possible more. This will be a great help and highly appreciated.



Any amount or Food will be a Blessing from above for all of them.


We believe for a favourable decision, Please let me know sooner rather than later as our situation are critical and we need help now  !!!



Compass’s banking details are attached with all our other documentation, i.e. Sect 18A and BB-BEE .





Note :  This is also an open invitation to come and visit with us by prior arrangement
For more info and to donate, please contact Hennie at
Hennie Bekker [Hennie@compass.org.za. Please DO NOT SEND DONATIONS TO Bentley PFM.


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